121 services are available throughout the city, and classes within Glasgow West.

Lhanna Frost

Lhanna's interest in training began with the adoption of her three troubled border collies, with who she attended Reactive Rovers with at Lothlorien.

Training should be fun for all, even when it's a serious matter. Lhanna looks at all situations carefully and works through problems effectively with a creative spin.

Currently Lhanna is studying Dog Behaviour at degree level and really enjoying the process.

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A cohesive and fun course for 10 - 18 week old puppies. We help guide them on exploring the world & cognitive skills.


Focus is suitable for all adolescent & adult dogs who struggle to maintain focus and engagement with their handler.

The Team

Our Glasgow Team is a fantastic mix of experienced & knowledgable handlers, who can't wait to help you reach your goals


Laura has been involved with sighthounds and rescue for over a decade now, and loves teaching her Greyhound new tricks. She gets a great kick out of helping owners get results with their dogs, and loves seeing them both grow and develop.


Lindsay runs her own successful dog walking business in Glasgow West End & shares her live with a very busy springer spaniel. Lindsay loves assisting in the learning process, and also holds some very impressive canine qualifications too.


Lynne enjoys working with the dogs and seeing their connection with their owners strengthen and develop. She also practises Reiki and is really enjoying her journey into alternative therapies.


Jamie is Lhanna's other half and has had the shared learning process of their border collies. He enjoys enrichment activities & scent work fun with his dogs at home and also on walks as a dog walker.