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Claire Staines

Claire is vastly experienced and knowledgeable in all things dog. She has a great love of the mechanics of training, nailing it down to a fine art and has tremendous skill and ability when it comes to building behaviours.

When working with a client, Claire sees things from a totally different angle to most, and goes about working with problems in a creative manner that is fun for the dog and extremely succesful for the guardian.

Claire is also a Victoria Stillwell mentor & faculty advisor which she enjoys greatly.

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Tracey Grant

Tracey shares her life with her young ridgeback Kanzi and recently set up her own dog walking business which she is loving.

She has a vast working knowledge with dogs; and solving different problems successfully.

Currently, Tracey teaches classes in Linlithgow and offers 121 training at people's home within the surrounding area.

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A cohesive and fun course for 10 - 18 week old puppies. We help guide them on exploring the world & cognitive skills.

Open Teach Night

Brand new class starting Tuesday night. On a 4 week rotation, you choose what we teach!


Taught by Scentwork UK Trainer, Judge and trial manager Avril Young. Step into a whole new world with your dog's nose.

The Team

We have a very experienced bunch of handlers that help out at our centres classes helping you get the best out of your time with us.


Living with two dogs of her own, Heather has a great interest in husbandry & trick's. Tricks especially, as they are a huge part in Service Dog training which is Heather's future goal to specialise in.


Working as a vet nurse, Carena loves nothing more than seeing shy, fearful dogs grow into confident indepent canines. Sharing her life with 2 border collies, she also loves helping gaurdians build the bond with their pup through training.


Competing in agility with her three collies, Jill loves building behaviours and seeing guardians progress with their dogs during a session. Jill has also made huge leaps with her own dogs in husbandry, having one of trianing sessions shared at a very prestigious canine conference.


Working as a professional life coach & specialising in human behaviour modification, Jill is a natural at working out how to remedy a situation and assisting owners who are struggling or stuck in a rut. At home, Jill has 2 cockerpoos, a breed she loves dearly.