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Lothlorien DS.

Lothlorien was established in 2004 by Claire Staines, as a dog walking business. Over the years, it has welcomed on dog walking staff & expanded into offering dog training to gaurdians with a team of trainers covering the whole of Scotlands Central Belt, to training the trainers at the centre in Linlithgow.

Lothlorien is often described as a place where magic happens; and it is true! It is where dogs come first, where guardians and trainers alike pledge to work by our ethics and bear in mind one very simple rule for our dogs; 'To do no harm'.

Our training methods are science based; free from force & coercion. We get results & make changes in dogs behaviour for the long term as we are constantly revising our methods, our techniques, reading scientific papers and always modifying our protocols in line with this.

Claire Staines has mentored every trainer in the team to her high standard and hand picked them based on their natural abilities, way with dogs & built on top of those foundations.

Our goal at Lothlorien is to create a safe place in an ever changing and competitive industry for learning, growing and fun for all types of trainers.

Lothlorien Dog Services 2019

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